Michel Delpech: last month, suffering much, he had given up his wife confesses

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

On the occasion of the release of the tribute album, Michel Delpech, I was an angel , (seventeen artists from Laurent Voulzy to Louane, resumed its tubes), Geneviève talks about the last days of the singer and this “after” that must be confronted.

genevive-delpechShortly after the death of Michael, Genevieve decided to leave too much house they were set to go live in a corner of Yvelines where they were the happiest, where Emmanuel, their son took his first steps. Some saw this move precipitated a deadly melancholy. It is not so. Enveloping, generous, Genevieve is well established in life. Admittedly, it recognizes that the lack of physical Michel is still palpable, but the dialogue with him was never interrupted. Michel is there in “the next room,” as she likes to say ……
Who had the idea for this tribute album (at Mercury) where established artists – Alain Chamfort , Laurent Voulzy, among others – but also young singers – Louane Patxi … – interpret tubes Michel Delpech?
Geneviev Delpech : It was his idea. He met Marc Hernandez (one of the producers of the album, ed) to the hospital and told him about the desire to see friends, but also a new generation of singers resume its securities. It was a way for him to leave a trace. He put his last forces in this project.
We had met you at the time of the release of your book, The Gift elsewhere, and you say dread the moment when Michael was going , or you could not take his hand. Nearly a year later, how do you?
GD : Michel is both present and terribly terribly missing. It’s in my heart, of course, and I do not hide the fact that I’m a psychic and I am in contact with him . But what is difficult is the silence, lack of physical contact. A mourning is amputation. We must learn to live without the other.
Between you, it was a crazy love story for over thirty years!
GD : It was a human encounter, love of course, but also intellectual, artistic …… A soul to soul encounter.
His deep belief in God has she been comforting the last days?
GD : At one point, he was so attracted to the religion throughout his life, which has repeatedly questioned spirituality, no more talk of that. I think it has gone through a period of doubt. He did not expect at all to such an ordeal and sufferings were such that he walked away from the faith, he gave up, I think. But the last days, when I saw again this form of serenity, acceptance he had to face his obvious end he had found her I think. Very little has talked about it, but I felt because he had less fear.