Michel Drucker “sawn” by the arrival of François Hollande at his one-man show

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

Against all odds, François Hollande was not in front of his television set on Sunday night. Instead of watching the seven candidates compete with the left primary, the president preferred to go to the theater, for the last performance of Michel Drucker’s one-man show, to the Bouffes du Nord.
” When it m ‘called home from Mali to tell me that it was coming, j ‘ was sawn. ” As he told the Parisien , Michel Drucker did not expect to see François Hollande attend the last of his one-man show at the Bouffes du Nord Sunday, the evening of the second debate of the primary. The president did not wish to attend the verbal jousts of the seven candidates of the Popular Alliance on BFM and iTélé, preferring to offer a spectacle probably more fun. ‘ C ‘ is an appointment made long that I ‘ve wanted to honor. I’ll watch the replay debate ” he blurted, teasing.
The title of the show of Michel Drucker ” Alone with you ” seems strangely to echo the current position of the President , passed into the background, and rather isolated since announcing his renunciation of presidential . A coquacious situation that has also been the subject of many taunts this Monday morning by political observers.
According to the information of Paris , François Hollande was installed in 6th place and had a great time, alongside the Minister of Culture Audrey Azoulay . Michel Drucker made no mention of this very special presence before the end of the show. The comedian Laurent Gerra then took the stage and launched into an imitation of the president, tie askew, belly forward and unsteady gait, causing public hilarity, but also the main person. ” Ah, if all politicians had your humor! ” Eventually launch Michel Drucker for his guest.