Michel Drucker: who is his wife for 40 years, Dany Saval?

Entertainment 13 January, 2017

If the first “D” in the company of Michel Drucker, Productions DMD, is for his wife Dany Saval, this is not for show, and it’s certainly not a simple Michel attention to brand his wife. The entertainer’s wife is indeed an expert in the entertainment sector to have been one of the artists recognized in the 60s and 70s, before becoming, very discreetly, the wife and faithful collaborator of the legendary television. Portrait of Danielle Savalle, her real name, a complete artist, and expert of the show for more than fifty years.
Michel Drucker has been part of our show for more than fifty years, we never stop to discover it. But behind the legendary animator, since 1972, is his wife, the beautiful Dany Saval . Their love is, of course, a meeting on a television show, and at the time, Dany was already a star.
This beautiful Parisian blond debuted dancing at the legendary Moulin Rouge, but the cinema it has quickly reached out. Beautiful and intelligent, the director Marcel Carné made the play in 1958 in The Cheaters, with the very young Jean-Paul Belmondo . She is only 16 years old, and Danielle Savalle, becomes Dany Saval! Unglazed, comfortable in the environment, it connects turnings in comedies, and alongside the rising stars of the era, including Catherine Deneuve, and the dashing Johnny Hallyday in Les Parisiennes in 1962.
Hollywood awaits her in 1965. She plays with Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis in the film adaptation of the play Boeing Boeing.
The young actress also has a beautiful voice, and trying to break into the song, including the title The mansion , made by the facilitator and great lyricist Pascal Sevran . It is besides towards the music that turns its first love. Dany Saval wife in 1965 while living in the United States, the composer Maurice Jarre, father of the musician Jean-Michel Jarre . With him, she will have a daughter, Stephanie. But the marriage will not last. The beautiful blonde then had to meet the love of her life.
In 1972, on the set of the show with the heart that Michel Drucker and the star of the era Claude François had together, Dany is one of many actor friends invited by Claude François . It is the love at first sight for the sensitive Michel Drucker. He tells in his autobiography how subdued he is by the beauty of the actress. After the first day of filming of the show, he walks her home politely and returns home for a sleepless night.
The next day, on the plateau, he threw himself into the water, and declared his flame to him. A few months later, Dany will be totally charmed. The two lovers will get married in Las Vegas the following year. From this meeting will be born a long love of more than 43 years.
Dany Saval then left the front of the stage to her husband, but never rested on his laurels. Expert from the entertainment world, she shouldered Michel Drucker throughout his career, and is also dedicated to a great cause. The protection of animals has gradually become active. In 1995, she created Li-Za, an association to help them. She welcomes as soon as she can in the property of the couple, in the south-east of France.
Dany and Michel form a united couple, despite the trials of life. The host usually repeats that without his wife, he probably would not have accomplished his immense career.