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Entertainment 1 February, 2018


Michel Fugain is not in the lace. In the columns of the newspaper La Provence, the singer 75 years of age is income on the tribute album recorded with the new generation last year. And apparently, the artist seems to not quite conquered by this experience.

To celebrate the fifty-year career of Michel Fugain, many artists of the new generation were inspired to record a tribute album to the artist for 75 years. Kids United, Claudio Capeo, Slimane or Chimene Badi. The album entitled Sings the life sings contains a dozen of cult songs from the repertoire of Michel Fugain : I will not have the time, Do like the bird or even the title Attention ladies and gentlemen.

In the columns of the newspaper La Provence, Michel Fugain is income on this tribute album. And without surprise, the singer 75 years of age has not been kind. He judges very severely this tribute album recorded last year with the new generation of artists. “It was awful. I didn’t ” rants and raves there. “He would have had to listen to the arrangements of the original. I participated in gently, but it was necessary that I should do the intro Attention ladies and gentlemen because no one was fucking doing it “.

A judgment that is particularly critical that the singer is keen to explain : “I’m not bitter. This job has made me the happiest person in the world. But it has the right to require the future generations that their duty is to do things for others. They look at all the navel “. Michel Fugain does not seem to quite frankly bring in his heart the new generation of artists, much less the tv-brackets are very popular currently on tv as The Voice or even The New Star.

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