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Entertainment 25 January, 2018


While Michel Fugain is devastated by the death of his young daughter Laurette in 2002, the singer will make an encounter that will change his life. He discovers Sanda, a young Romanian whose he going to fall in love. In the columns of Paris Match, he is back on this woman who was ” saved “.

There are more than 15 years, Michel Fugain lived a terrible tragedy for a father : the death of his daughter Laurette, who had succumbed to a blood cancer at the age of 22 years. Wiped out but yet still full of hope in the life, the singer admitted in an interview to Gala ” By dying, Laurette has taught us to live. This has lead to a kid of 22 years who has not been able to live, is to live. “

Two months later, in July 2002, the singer will make an encounter that will change his life. Michel Fugain met in Corsica of a young woman of Romanian origin, named Sanda. In the columns of the magazine Paris Match, the singer recalled this meeting. “A young blonde woman is at the piano. I demand silence in the room, captivated by his voice. From the outset, I want to produce it. I proposed to him to join our table. All I am interested in Sanda, romania, the daughter of a writer and a physician, and who has fled the regime of Ceausescu ” he recalls. A lovely encounter that will transform little by little, over the months, in friendship, and then love story. Still married, Michel Fugain will leave his wife Stephanie for Sanda. “Since, we live in paradise. The guardian of the places this woman is intelligent and lively, my partner, ” confesses the singer. ” Everyone will tell you, it is a sun. The last ray of the sun that I see on earth because this is it, my Sanda, I will close the eyes. She has sworn to ” entrust tenderly the star.

After 10 years of love, the couple married in Corsica. A ceremony in which do not attend to the two children of the star, Mary and Alexis, whose mother is Stephanie Fugain. But since then, the years have passed, and relations seem to be somewhat eased. In columns Here, the singer recently confided : “I have a son who is a wonder, an incredible girl who gave me two grandsons that are jewels, and even if there was a difficult period, everything is back in order. There’s a lot of love “.

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