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Entertainment 25 January, 2018


Has an opportunity for an interview for France Bleu Paris, Michel Fugain has entrusted his disappointment but also his bitterness towards those who shared his life for 34 years.

Before you meet with Sanda, his “ray of sunshine”, with which he lives a passionate love, Michel Fugain has shared the life of Stéphanie Fugain for more than thirty years. A love story fraught after the death of one of their daughters, Laurette, who died of leukemia. And as evidenced by his recent declarations on the occasion of an interview for France Bleu Paris, Michel Fugain keeps a bitter taste of this love story. The question “What is the title of the press which you most reached ? “,the interpreter of “Do like the bird” did not mince words in directly targeting his ex-girlfriend : “A thing is done outside of my will by a woman who has shared my life for 34 years, he told the journalist Déborah Grunwald. I found myself in the first page of Game with the title ‘a broken man’. And if you want to, you don’t not put in the first page of the Game and you do not say that I am a broken man because of you I conchie. I do with my head what I want and if I want to be broken, I’m broken in me but probably not on a first page of Game. “

After a divorce is tumultuous, the relationship between Michel and Stéphanie Fugain do not yet seem to be addressed. So far, the singer over the age of 75 years old has reconciled with his children, Mary and Alexis, after the difficult tests faced by the family and, in particular, the tragic death and brutal Laurette : “If there has been a difficult period, everything is back in order. There’s a lot of love, î he told the magazine Here last July.

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