Michel Polnareff, bitter but generous for the 6 years of Louka …

Entertainment 29 December, 2016

Even if the admiral digests badly the controversy of his end of tour.
Because of his recovery, Michel Polnareff can no longer flying back a few months. His companion Danyellah has made a return trip to Los Angeles to go look for their son Luka , who was staying with her teacher during the end of the tour of his dad. After spending the Christmas celebrations together, the singer organized a big birthday party on Wednesday 28 December for the 6-year-old boy.
It is on Facebook Michel Polnareff offered his fans the opportunity to attend the festivities. After a dinner in which Louka could count on the presence of one of her boyfriends, everyone found herself in the garden for a surprise that the child can not forget: Artifice of nearly fifteen minutes. While the name of his son lights up on the horizon in letters of fire, the singer, who films the scene, is very moved. His companion Danyellah is just as much to see their son amazed.
Despite these moments of happiness, Michel Polnareff not forget the recent controversy surrounding the cancellation of the last two dates of his tour , Salle Pleyel in Paris on 2 December and then in Nantes tomorrow. Always on Facebook, armed with his mobile phone, the Admiral films with his family, and while sharing intimate moments of great family happiness, he does not hide his resentment. He also thanked Danyellah for having forced him to go to the hospital, to have understood that something was wrong, but also, once again, Dr. Siou and the teams of the American Hospital of Neuilly-sur-Seine. For them, Michel Polnareff demands an apology from its producer, it does not also cites Gilbert Coullier …
In these videos, broadcast live on Facebook, Michel Polnareff also answers questions from his fans. He expressed his great sadness to have learned the death of George Michael and tries to soothe things around the little tackle from Charles Aznavour , noting that he had tried to contact him since and that all was well between them. Despite the palpable resentment towards those who tried to smuggle cancellations Pleyel and Nantes for ” a star of caprice ,” said Michel Polnareff wanting to do very quickly, these concerts, ” and more .” He regrets that the tour ended so abruptly that he could not say goodbye to the formidable team that accompanied him.
However, Michel Polnareff does not lose his scathing humor and gives this lesson to his shipmates, nickname he gives to his fans: ” ! Especially, if someone is sick in your family, send him a bailiff “