Michel Polnareff: the “encouraging news” about his health

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

As announce our colleagues from RTL , the Michel Polnareff health would improve. According to statements from the singer’s doctor, Dr. Philippe Siou, the interpreter of “Goodbye Marylou” is conscious and his prognosis is no longer engaged.

michel-polnareff-irait-mieuxThat fans can rest assured, Michel Polnareff would get better. Earlier in the day this Monday, December 5, the attached artist’s press announced terrible news. Michel was the victim of “a bilateral pulmonary embolism” that would commit his prognosis . Fortunately, his condition would be improved. Doctor Philippe Siou, who deals with the artist, spoke to RTL tonight and says Michel Polnareff “will soon be out of the woods.” The doctor shows even very optimistic: “the news is encouraging, to the extent that the diagnosis was made.”
According to Dr Philippe Siou, the interpreter of “the doll that makes no” would not be between life and death. “Thank God, he is not, but if it had not been diagnosed, if he had not been treated, actually, things could go wrong. This is still a very common cause of sudden death ” , he said.
Michel Polnareff is now “aware” and “speaks” . To believe the statements of the doctor, a man of 72 years seems rang: “We do not expect that he was not feeling well he did not expect something serious. He is currently under treatment ” . Indeed, Michel was admitted there four days in the American Hospital in Neuilly due to a state of total exhaustion, canceling her concert at the Salle Pleyel two hours before . Soon, they heard he was kept under observation to prevent “the risk of heart attack and stroke,” and that he suffered from sinusitis which had worsened.
Doctor Philippe Siou has not failed to return to the diagnosis of this disease: “His respiratory infection was treated for about a week, but in fact, his condition worsened. The diagnosis was difficult, there was a widespread malaise. ”
Thanks to the professionalism of the medical team, Michel Polnareff appears out of the woods, although the doctor believes that “we must respect a period of 48 hours before taking a final decision” .