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While a documentary is dedicated to him this Wednesday night on France 3, back on the episode the most painful of the life of Michel Sardou and his daughter Cynthia.

A trauma, an event is intolerable. In the night of 24 to 25 December 1999, Cynthia Sardou is kidnapped by three individuals when she returned to her car. “I felt some arms that I agrippaient in the dark. A few moments later, the men took me in the car, a hood on the head, a knife under the throat ” testified the young woman, in a letter sent in 2008 to the Public Authorities. 26 years old, the young woman is the target of a gang rape , and then abandoned in a vacant lot in the suburbs of paris.

In a book published in 2005 (Appelez-moi Li Lou), the daughter of Michel Sardou told the unspeakable, then, that she had learned three years earlier that two of the perpetrators were repeat offenders. The three assailants were sentenced to ten, thirteen and fifteen years in prison before two of them being released for good behaviour in 2008. The journalist was then left on a crusade in the face of this sense of injustice. She had written a second book (is it that I am still violated ?) in which she admitted to be struggling to find support among her relatives and especially her father.

Guest Patrick Sabatier in 2010 for the release of his album to Be a woman in 2010, Michel Sardou had entrusted them with emotion on this complex relationship. “I have an older daughter, Sandrine, who gave me a very pretty little girl… And I have another daughter, the youngest, who unfortunately had a terrible experience, who has been kidnapped and raped and who has not really shed. She is sick. And a disease for which unfortunately there is no cure ” he explained in a special broadcast, which was entirely devoted. Fortunately, the years have past, allowing Michel Sardou and his daughter recreate strong links.

In 2014, Cynthia Sardou released A life to rebuild a message of hope for all the victims traumatized. During the promotion of her book, she thanked her father. “I was suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. (…) I was in control more, with alternating phases of anger and collapse” told to Closer. “My father saved my life by telling me ‘You don’t seem to go well. You should go see your doctor. Do not let yourself go.’ He was worried and had understood how much I was going to hurt. Very quickly, I returned to see my doctor : I was hospitalized for three months.” Grateful for the support provided by his father and his family, the journalist had declared to be ” reconciled with life “.

“Sardou, the film of his life “, by Laurent Luyat and Frédéric Benudis, to be broadcast this Wednesday at 20: 55 on France 3.

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