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Entertainment 20 January, 2018


If side love life Michèle Bernier is not spoiled, his heart beats today more intensely than ever to… his two grand-children. A status of young grand-mother who is the epitome of happiness.

On October 15, 2017, the daughter of Michèle Bernier, Charlotte Gaccio, gave birth to twins, Zoe and Romeo. At 61 years old, the actress discovers the joys of being a grandmother. Which makes him all the more, although his separation with Bruno Gaccio, the man of his life, was particularly painful. Now if the page is turned, she still has no companion, as she explained last July on the plateau of Thierry Ardisson.

A vacuum that come to bridge these two pieces of cabbage. “For the moment, they are small, too cute. I am a grandmother filled. What is wonderful is to know that love multiplies, ” she confided to Tv Star. A role with which she seems very comfortable. May be because it has had time to repeat it.

Michèle Bernier embodies, in effect, a young grand-mother in an episode of the serial Murder…, broadcast on Saturday 20 January on France 3. “During the filming of this fiction, my daughter was pregnant, and me, with this little girl who was playing with us, I had the impression of living in advance of these moments, where I would have my grandchildren in the arms,” she told TV Magazine. Before continuing : “Without wanting to, it pleased me also to take today completely the idea of being a grandmother. I think it’s great! Then it is not in the caricature of the grand-mother who does not work, hair and white blouse with flowers.”

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