Miley Cyrus happy? His loved ones reveal the reason

Entertainment 29 May, 2017

Since the American singer decided to take back her life in hand, she feels happier than ever. And it is his loved ones who reveal the reasons.
A Miley Cyrus more happy than ever in her new life ! If you follow the American singer on social networks, or its news on melty, you have not missed the incredible transformation of the star. The former Hannah Montana who had come back strong in front of the music scene with an ultra trash and provocative look, is now another person. Miley Cyrus regrets many things of the past , since she has totally transformed into a wise woman but above all blossomed. Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend is happy, her loved ones tell us why.
In a recent interview with E! News , the sister of the star Brandi Cyrus said: ” What I respect most about Miley is that she really knows what is important and what counts, and it also involves working on herself And to stay always at the top ” . For Tish Cyrus’s mom interpreter of Malibu , happiness through music: “I think Miley is a real person, and all the steps that you see, are the real stages of his life today. She is in a good phase, she is very happy and this is seen through her music , “she said. You’ll understand , Miley Cyrus no longer risks getting naked in her clips , Or provocation. She is flourishing, perfect love with Liam Hemsworth, and is even softer. And you, what do you think of the new Miley Cyrus?