Milk contaminated by salmonella : the list of the lots in question extends

Health 10 December, 2017

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Published the 10.12.2017 at 14: 21


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Last week, the health authorities alertaient on the possible contamination with salmonella milks ” the first age “, due to a problem on a production site of Lactalis to Craon in Mayenne. The list of affected products is now much more extended : it is now over 620 lots that are considered unsuitable for consumption, including milk for the second and third age. The updated list has just been released by the Directorate-general for consumer affairs (DGCCRF) and can be found at this address.

Substitute products

According to the company, cited by The World, the problem is probably a result of a drying tower infected for a week last may, on the production site. All lots referred to are not necessarily contaminated, but they are likely to be. They can be replaced by milk replacers, the list of which was established by the French Society of paediatrics (SFP), available on the website of the ministry of Health. The infant affected as often without palm oil, the SFP would like to remind that the substance does not present ” no danger to the child “, and that it is of course possible to substitute it for the milk non-organic.

It also proposes a sterilizing solution house, in case of impossibility or delay in procuring a substitute product. It is then advisable to boil the milk in a saucepan for two minutes before you give it to her child (once cooled, of course). This process allows to destroy the majority of the salmonella possibly present in the milk : like most bacteria, they are very sensitive to heat.

25 children in care

Two numbers have been put in place to address the concerns of parents : 0800 636 636, by the ministry of Health, is accessible every day from 9 to 19 hours. Lactalis Nutrition and Health has also updated its own hotline on 0800 120 120, which will be open today Sunday 10 December until 23 hours exceptionally, and then from 9 to 20 hours from Monday. The chemists may also be contacted to identify and obtain a milk substitute.

To date, 25 children have exhibited symptoms of illness with salmonella after consuming milk containing pcbs. All have been taken care of and are in good health. In case of infection, the symptoms appear in three days. They cause an array of gastro-enteritis, with nausea and vomiting, diarrhea which can be bloody, and often the onset of fever. It should, therefore, consult his or her physician or pediatrician.