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Entertainment 12 December, 2017


12 years ago, Johnny Hallyday was a witness at the wedding of Mimie Mathy. Deeply touched by her death, the actress has obliged him to pay a last tribute was very moving.

In the course of his long career, Johnny Hallyday has had befriended many of the stars. Among them, we find the chef Jean Imbert, “adopted” by the clan Hallyday, but also the actress Mimie Mathy. He was particularly close to the latter. To such a point thathe had been the witness of his marriage with Benoist Gérard, in Paris in 2005. For many years, they were regularly and shared a very beautiful bond.

Devastated by the death of the singer, the star of Josephine, guardian angel was, of course, present at his funeral. A great moment of emotion, she gave our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs : “When we arrived at la Madeleine on Saturday, and I saw these thousands of people, it was… Johnny is the only one who could deserve such a tribute. His career lasted 60 years. It brought together all the world : he had only had to see his fans, there were the grandparents, parents, children. It was part of the family. “

The actress says that Johnny Hallyday had even met his parents : “They knew, but they had never one of his shows. I heard my dad’s 86-year-old said : ‘I watched tv all day. I’m sorry, I should have listen to you and come with you to the show’. “She says :” He is going to miss me “, and in order to send him a last farewell, she took her most beautiful pen in order to pay tribute to him on his blog.

“Thank you, mister Johnny,” she wrote. I love you for always. Thank you for being there in all the great moments of our lives. Happy to have shared beautiful moments and beautiful music… And thank you for being one of the witnesses of my marriage. Irreplaceable Johnny… “Close to Laeticia Hallyday, it also wanted to send him all his support :” Of the millions of thoughts for Laeticia, his children, his family. “


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