Mireille Darc : “For us, there were no dolls, no teddy bear” – Gala

Entertainment 28 August, 2017

It was once

Mireille Darc was a perfect woman who had fought to be free, and live in peace with her past, she looked at him with a certain pride. She had confided to Gala his childhood memories. Upsetting.

Mireille Darc died on the 28th of August, she was 79 years old. While the television channels will pay tribute to the icon of the French cinema, back on his difficult childhood.

As a child, I felt a powerful lack of desire to live. I was raised with my older brothers, Maurice and Roger, Toulon, france, in a great loneliness and a deep destitution, between my mother, Gabrielle, shopping, and my father, Marcel Aigroz, gardener. When you are small, you do not understand anything of the misery or suffering. My first memory, it is the scuttling of the French fleet in Toulon, in November 1942. We have not seen the sun for three days. I see myself in the garden talking to the chickens in the verbena, which smelled so good. This dark sky, went well. My mother was the most important character of my childhood. It is she that I loved. I was so eager to please him. It was a very brave, she came from the Basses-Alpes, a family where we shared a cottage without water or electricity with the sheep. She died at ninety-two years without ever coming to see me at the theatre or even the cinema. I was hurt a lot…

My father could do the head for months. I felt guilty for his silence. As my parents never slept together, my arrival has automatically been seen as an accident. In fact, he was haunted by my mother, he was not sure of himself. The memory of her suicide attempt in my presence returned to me later. I understood how this man was evil. I’ve made peace with my parents. I say to myself that I could love them more, understand them better… For us, there was no doll, no baby. In July 1942, I joined for three years, Marguerite, the sister of my father, and her husband, Alfred, hotel Plans-sur-Bex, Switzerland, with my brothers, then aged nineteen and twenty years old. There was no one to read me stories or play a round… Lassie, the bitch collie of the house, allowed me to face my fear of the dark and the absence of my mother. The revelation of my heart murmur, I don’t fear. But I was deprived of gymnastics and dance, I who dreamed of becoming a dancer. Somehow, this led me to become an actress. ”


Mireille Darc

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