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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


Sad news on this Monday, 28 August 2017. According to the latest information of the radio RTL, the actress Mireille Darc has died at the age of 79 years.

The death of Mireille Darc has been confirmed by his family on Monday, August 28 at the radio station RTL. The actress, who had suffered a stroke in September of last year, has finally been extinguished in the night of Sunday, around 2 o’clock in the morning. She was in a coma for three days. As a reminder, ” the great locust “ had been the victim of two strokes : ” there was a moment of panic, she no longer saw, she did not speak any more “, told her husband on the radio in 2016. Mireille Darc also suffered since his childhood from a blast to the heart. She had been operated a few years ago, open heart by the Professor Christian Cabrol.

For all, Mireille Darc will forever remain an icon of the French cinema. She was both an actress, a filmmaker, photographer and singer. After its successful debut in the film Hauteclaire Jean Prat in 1961, the actress has chained the success. It will be remembered also for his first major role in 1963 in Pouic-Pouic, but also of its now-famous small of the back, molded in a black dress in the film The tall Blond with a black shoe , or even his complicity with Georges Lautner, in The great spy chase or He was once a cop, with that, she shot thirteen times.

Side heart, Mireille Darc has lived a beautiful love story… It was in 1968 on the set of the film, Jeff Mireille Darc meeting for the first time Alain Delon, his companion and friend for twelve years. Despite their separation, the couple remained unified and accomplice. Therefore, it is not a coincidence if the actor was present at his bedside during his last years of hospitalization.

Mireille Darc

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