Misfits: The US remake soon arrives on Freeform (Pretty Little Liars)!

Cinema 7 June, 2017

The remake of the British series completely barred, Misfits, was commissioned by the American channel Freeform!
It’s been a year since Freeform released the remake of the British cult series Misfits and we finally have confirmation that this one will be born ! It could even be broadcast in the course of 2018! Misfits had its debut in 2009 on E4 in the UK, taking up the concept of superheroes. A staggering series that focused on a group of young offenders in a community service program. Following a mysterious storm, these five adolescents benefited from atypical superpowers. Mixing humor and trash, the show explored real-world problems such as teen pregnancy, rape and racism, while telling a story of science fiction, never made in Britain! The show became cult, The US decided to put it to their sauce! Hoping that this new version of Misfits will be just as crazy as the first! Who will be part of the cast?
After five seasons, Misfits UK ended in 2013, but the United States was already eyeing its potential! The driver will be written and produced by Diane Ruggiero-Wright ( iZombie, Veronica Mars ) which will also serve as showrunner to the new series! Production: Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage ( Gossip Girl ) who will be accompanied by the original creator of Misfits UK. And after months of mystery, the cast has finally been unveiled! Nathan and Allie MacDonald (Orphan Black) will be playing Kelly ! Nathan and Allie MacDonald (Orphan Black) will be playing Kelly in the role of Alicia, Tre Hall (Rebel) who will perform Curtis, Jake Cannavale (Nurse Jackie) Simon (the actor Iwan Rheon who played the ” Ruthless Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones ) for the troop to be complete! One thing is for sure, Freeform has already begun preparing for the next generation of Pretty Little Liars, which you will recall will be completed in a few weeks after 7 seasons! What do you think of the remake of Misfits?