Miss France 2017 Miss Central Loire Valley, destitute, publishes topless photos

Entertainment 11 November, 2016

This is the former candidate herself who published them.
Margaux Legrand-Guérineau, elected Miss Centre-Val de Loire in September, was removed from the adventure Miss France 2017 in October. At least that is what was announced before the young woman discloses that she had actually been deposed .
In The New Republic , the third year student of Medical Electroradiology Deceiver explained: ” In reality it is a recall, I did not give up a month after the election, Sylvie Tellier. [Former Miss France and CEO of the Miss France, Ed] called me to tell me she had received anonymous mail nude photos of me . ” And it has unveiled the shots in question on his Facebook account!
Photos taken three years ago by a professional photographer, on which Legrand Margaux-Guérineau pose topless . However, his chest is still hidden by a hand or arm.
” After my decision to tell the truth to the media, I noticed with a pleasant surprise that many people supported me. However, I also have read a lot of disrespectful messages. (…) I must confess these messages are very hurtful. and also inappropriate. If there are three and a half years, I knew that I will be elected Miss Centre, of course I would not have made these pictures. But at that time I had a different ambition, I wanted to build me a book for the modeling and photographer friends helped me do it. I do not regret so far to have made these pictures, only that a person will be fun to send to Sylvie Tellier! “, she explained in the legend.
Then Margaux Legrand-Guérineau took this publication to get a message. It hopes that ” attitudes are changing .” ” Many women now assume naked, they have confidence and show that the female body is what is most beautiful thing. All this must change. These photos show that I am fulfilled in my body and there is no harm in that it is important not to equate nudity or eroticism of vulgarity, but rather freedom. moreover, we can be much more vulgar dressed than naked then. it must be remembered that the topless was, there is not so long ago, a symbolic impact? (…) But I take what I do and especially what I am! “a- she continued.
Until things change, the replacement for the deposed Miss will be on December 17th at the Arena in Montpellier to try to win the Miss France 2017 and we have already discovered the sweet face of the 30 regional Miss .