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Entertainment 17 December, 2017

Miss France

After Camille Cerf in 2015 and Iris Mittenaere in 2016, a miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais became yesterday evening Miss France 2018. A pride for the region.

The Nord-Pas-de-Calais was offered last night a third to miss France in four years. Maéva Coucke, a native of Elinghen, between Boulogne-sur-mer and Calais, has won yesterday the crown of Miss France 2018. But why this region is becoming the “official supplier” of Miss France ?

At the Dauphiné, Sylvie Tellier, director general of the company Miss France said: “This is an area where we like the gathering of the people.” Indeed, the unit seems to reign in this department, which is mobilized each time to wear the highest of the ” daughters of the country “. Traditionally, the people in the north voting en masse during the election. The election of Maéva Coucke is a new proof : it has been elected with 29,20 % of the vote to 25,26 % for the very popular Miss Corsica, 18,18 % for Miss Ile-de-France, 13,94 % for Miss Champagne-Ardenne and 13,43 % to Miss a Meeting. A crushing victory.

At the time of the election of iris Mittenaere, the public had discovered how the north was proud of his miss. Iris Mittenaere, a native of Lille, had paid a visit befitting a head of state in the crowded city by the inhabitants who came in great numbers to greet and cheer his victory. Maeva Coucke, already widely supported his region, which propelled her to victory, could very well receive the same honours

Photo credits : Agence / Bestimage

Iris Mittenaere

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