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Entertainment 18 December, 2017

Miss France 2018

Maeve Coucke, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, has won the crown of Miss France, thanks to the public votes. But if only the star-studded jury had had its say, another young woman would have won the title.

In an election, sometimes just a few votes to tip the scales to one side or the other. Saturday 16 December, the luck was on the side of Maeve Coucke : the pretty redhead from the North-Pas-de-Calais has won the victory and won the title of Miss France 2018. But it would have quite been able to move on to the next title, if the jury vote had been the only one to count.

For the election of the one that took the result of Alicia Aylies, votes share in the following manner : the public vote counts for 50% of the vote, while the rest is attributed to the star-studded jury. The linebacker Vincent Clerc, the singers Nolwenn Leroy and Lorie Swearing, Anne Roumanoff, and the winner of Dancing with the stars Agustin Galiana were also asked to assign points to the five candidates still in the race, and their preference was not at all to the one who has finally received the crown.

Master Gerald Simonin, the bailiff in charge of the orderly conduct of the count, has unveiled on his blog the summary of the scores awarded by the members of the jury. For them, the big winner was none other than Lison Di Martino, Miss Île-de-France, to whom they had awarded 12 points. Come then, ex-aequo, Miss a Meeting and Miss Champagne-Ardenne. Maeve Coucke happens that in the fourth position, while the first Runner-up Miss Corsica acts as a red lantern. Result ? If Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais succeeds Alicia Aylies, it is alive and well thanks to his popularity with the public : its fans mobilized to vote en masse. His crown, she owes to those who believed the most in it.

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Maeve Coucke

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