Miss France: A candidate almost faints before Sylvie Tellier

Entertainment 28 November, 2016

Who said that being Miss was an easy one? Maurane Bouazza, better known under the name “Miss Britain” has paid the price of intensive pace of preparation for the big night Miss France, to be held on December 17th: she almost fainted during a shooting photo, Sylvie Tellier under the eyes.

miss-bretagne-2016-maurane-bouazza” All right, Miss Britain? “. Sylvie Tellier is concerned, and for good reason: during the official photo shoot of Miss France (which gave the wonderful picture to discover here ), one of the candidates almost fainted … and fall more than two meters. Under the sun of Réunion , Maurane Bouazza (aka Miss Britain) has not gone far from the drama. A special envoy of the Parisien says the scene: ” She almost faints while Miss Mayotte, good comrade, retains just. ” And fortunately: behind Miss, all grouped together at the edge of an infinity pool, gap of several meters that could make fainting Miss Britain even more dramatic .
” Must say when it will not , said later to Sylvie Tellier Miss who will face the jury and French es · December 17th . I know what I mean: my specialty is to pass out ” . the defeated candidate of Dancing with the Stars so let elected to their senses before reprimanded those that would be too tempted to grumble against the sweltering heat. ” Do not complain. Last year in Tahiti, girls were kneeling on the coral ” , explains Sylvie Tellier. Really, Miss of life is far from being as easy as it looks.