Miss France: Alicia Aylies in a very daring laced dress

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

Crowned queen of beauty a week ago, Alicia Aylies appears on Instagram in an outfit very far from the strict rules of the contest. Did the cliché, dated two years ago, escape the vigilance of the Miss France committee?

Was the Miss France committee negligent? Or has it become more tolerant? The question arises, facing the amazing photo posted to the Instagram account Alicia Aylies. The least we can say is that the accoutrement of Miss France 2017 is far from meets the strict standards of the beauty contest.
In this photograph taken it two years ago, Alicia Aylies wears a slinky strapless dress that leaves little to the imagination. The black lacing on the sides suggests his chest, his stomach, his thigh … and the obvious absence of any underwear. No bra, no panties. At the age of 16, Alicia Aylies dressed for the fashion show in Guyana.
The photo still appears on his Instagram account. Astonishing, when we know that the committee Miss France scrutinizes the past of candidates, looking for the slightest cliché judged “indecent”. Their previous shootings as their accounts on social networks are meticulously studied.
The nudes are totally prohibited: Isabelle Turpault (Miss France 1983), Laetitia Bléger (Miss France 2004), Norma Julia (Miss Roussillon 2013) have paid the price. A year ago, Miss Britain 2016 fell from her title for less than that. On a photo on-line, Eugenie Day appeared bare torso, but completely obscured by her arms and legs. Its elimination, judged abusive, had aroused the grumbling of Internet users. Hence the greater tolerance Alicia Aylies seems to enjoy?