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Entertainment 16 December, 2017

Miss France

“Be beautiful and shut up”, a saying which does not appear to the liking of the Committee Miss France. For several years, the beauty queens are not only pretty, they are also cultivated. Evidenced by their level of education, significantly higher than that of the French of their generation.

Miss France, a beautiful and nice crazy who wants to save the world ? While the election of Miss France 2018 will take place this Saturday, December 16, reverse once and for all that cliché. As demonstrated by an article published on the website of BFM TV, the candidates regional also take care of their physique and their brain. For proof, this year, on the 30 claimant to the title of most beautiful woman of france, 23 of them are listed in Licence or Master. More than two-thirds. In comparison, the young French women of the same age group are only a third party to continue after a bac + 2. This year, Miss Brittany, Caroline Lemeé, is the only one not to continue to higher education. The young woman of 24, however, is holder of a CAP aesthetic.

The university curriculum requires it as a decisive criterion for winning the crown ? According to the profile of past beauty queens, it seems. Over the last decade, not less than seven Miss France pursued graduate studies at their coronations. Alicia Aylies, the winning title which will make this Saturday his crown, was, it, in the first year of bachelor of law at the university of Cayenne. Marine Lorphelin, Miss France 2013, was, she, in the first year of medicine. The one that has put their studies in parentheses the time of its reign is now in 5th grade. Better, when Iris Mittenaere is elected Miss France 2016, she is in the 5th year of dental surgery. A career as the Miss Universe 2016 dream still kissing.

A beauty queen as pretty as intelligent, such is the desire of the committee Miss France, chaired by Sylvie Tellier, which requires that, each year, to its candidate with a formidable test of general culture.

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