More beautiful life, roommate Barbara Francesco aid on France 3

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Francesco does it really have killed Mitya in more beautiful life? Barbara believes not, and intends to help his ex to prove his innocence.

Yesterday, Barbara finally found Francesco, wanted by police since the discovery of the body of Mitya in more beautiful life . Tonight, the chef had only one idea in mind: Barbara convince his innocence! If the young woman at first did not believe his story of drinking with a non-paper, the stove ended up siding with his ex. She can not believe that Francesco, with whom she shared two years of his life, is a murderer. One can understand … By cons, Leo, he is confident that the former her daughter is indeed guilty … How Barbara will she go about making clear the Italian hot-blooded? One solution: to believe Francesco returning again on infidelity Mitya, and find the woman in question who he was cheating in PBLV !
For his part, Julian, who is finally released from prison, is struggling to raise its head. Down permanent inspiration, the young man can not smile again, nor even to convince a few rooms of the play on stage. His mother offered him a solution to which she thinks for some time: from settling together in New York . If the musician seems packed (with the sole condition that Sabrina go with him), the waitress 2.0 seems to be much less. She will sell the little bit of pressure as the mother of Julien put him into accepting this proposal? Finally, Céline is still in a psychiatric hospital and seems to sink more and more into madness in more beautiful life . His father, Charles, then shows desperate to exonerate her daughter. So he did not hesitate to go to indulge in Leo, claiming he is actually the murderer of Cyril. Is this true, or is it a simple technique to draw attention to someone other than Celine? Stay tuned.
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