More beautiful life, roommate Barbara gets dumped by Mitya on France 3

Cinema 29 November, 2016

Last week, Francesco Mitya caught cheating Barbara in more beautiful life. Tonight, the hunk decided to jettison the stove!

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-mitia-barbaraFor several days, Barbara seemed happier than ever. More and more in love with her new boyfriend, even Francesco Rehearsal jealous fits in PBLV did not seem able to make it down from his little cloud. Yet the Italian was right Mitya is not sincere with Barbara! The proof, the cook was surprised last week kissing Julien’s mother … And it seems that he did blackmail the young man has worked well because Barbara was not new Mitya weekend! While Francesco increasingly dark in alcohol, the young chef seemed not especially worry about the sudden disappearance of her boyfriend. Until tonight … The two new lovers had an appointment to attend a concert, but Mitya decided to put a rabbit Barbara. Even worse, he chose the dumped by text message! “You and me is finished “, it has the merit of being clear.
For their part, Nathan and Sabrina went to the ceremony in honor of Cyril . A moment full of emotion, the mother of Julien did not interrupt private to proclaim the innocence of his son. She will even ask Sabrina to reopen the Facebook page dedicated to the death of Cyril , to have new evidence and finally find the real culprit. But it finally reveal perhaps unnecessary. Indeed, Leo recently got hold of a dealer who claims to have information on the case! Bluff or truth, we will know in the next few episodes PBLV ! Episodes in which we may see Coralie to pack! Indeed, tired of the murky atmosphere of the roommate, the math teacher decided to return to settle a few days with her best friend, Blanche, once it is out of the hospital.
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