More beautiful life, roommate Barbara learns of infidelity Mitya on France 3

Cinema 1 December, 2016

A new mistralien is suspected of killing Cyril Rochat! On the side of Francesco, the Italian tried to show the true face of Barbara Mitya …

pblv-plus-belle-la-vie-france-3-serie-2016Last night in Plus Belle La Vie, Sabrina seeking a new culprit in the case Cyril Rochat but the waitress was far from suspecting that the police already had the name of another suspect Julien. Indeed, Céline Frémont was accused by the dealer Leo stopped by to have played a more important role in the disappearance of Cyril. According to him, the lawyer was unbearable with the young man. A form of harassment that could have pushed Celine to commit the irreparable. The lawyer fell naked learning the reasons for the summons to the police station. Unfortunately, between its connection with Cyril hidden from the police and mental health very fragile at the time, nothing in his favor. Everything seems to overwhelm our dear … Celine Fremont
Regarding Francesco Leo showed her that Mitya last roommate of PBLV had dropped Barbara . Surprisingly, this announcement surprised him more than anything. Nevertheless, the Italian decided to have a new discussion with her ex to talk to him very special evening Mitya. After asking if she was okay, Francesco revealed to Barbara infidelity of her ex-boyfriend. We thought he had finally managed to get his attention until the cook handed jealousy Francesco on the carpet … Annoyed by about it, Barbara decided to cut short the conversation. See you tomorrow at the same time for a new recap ‘of life of roommates Plus Belle La Vie who share completely spin right now!
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