More beautiful life, roommate Barbara learns of the death of Mitya on France 3

Cinema 6 December, 2016

The downward spiral continued for Francesco in Plus Belle La Vie who is accused of murdering Mitya …
Drama at Mistral! Mitya was found dead in Plus Belle La Vie by Leo and John Paul. The assassination of roadie pushed two police officers digging planning Francesco. Desperate since splitting with Barbara, the Italian was never very tender with her new boyfriend. His jealousy could she get him to kill him? Probably because for days Francesco trying to find out what he did the day Mitya disappeared. It is advised to hurry to find some answers because the police are now looking for him. Indeed, Leo and John Paul landed at Heavenly for questioning. No luck, the cook was not there! Failing to find Francesco, Leo decided to announce the bad news to Barbara.
The young cook collapsed once on the death of Mitya and a second time when his father showed him the potential culpability of Francesco . Despite her condition, Barbara is still went to the police station to talk about his recent discussions with his ex. Meanwhile, Francesco was able to reconstruct the thread of the evening when drunk with a homeless. It was learned that Francesco had nothing to do with the death of Mitya. Unfortunately, the homeless clearly refused to testify what has not helped business Francesco. In his misfortune, the Italian was able to count on Abdel who is responsible for providing a message from him to Barbara. The episode ended on an explosive reunion of two ex … Roll on France 3 tomorrow to see the end of their exchange! Meanwhile, test your knowledge of the roommates’ of Plus Belle La Vie through our last quiz .
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