More beautiful life, roommate: Céline in a psychiatric hospital, Barbara worried Mitya found … What will happen next week on France 3?

Cinema 2 December, 2016

In more beautiful life, next week may be charged! Celine will return in a psychiatric hospital, Barbara still inquiètera the disappearance of Mitya while it will be quickly found.
plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-dispute-revelationIn recent days, Céline is now going crazy in more beautiful life . Accused of murdering Cyril Rochat, the fiercest advocate of Mistral dark gradually into the paranoid, even up to accuse the police of fabricating evidence against her. And next week, it’s not going to arrange for her … A new giveaway will be discovered by Nebout and Justice, which will lead them to put Céline under investigation for murder, while it will be interning in hospital psychiatric simultaneously . While his father Vincent and try to support it as best they can, the lawyer will not hesitate to suspect them also want to eliminate … A hard week promises to be for Celine. Unfortunately, it will not be the only living hard times …
Barbara also be very ill. Concerned still have no news of Mitya, it will not much time to accuse Francesco have hurt her very recent ex boyfriend . Knowing the jealousy of the cook and his fiery temperament (especially since he started drinking again), you can expect that he could hurt her … Especially that Francesco himself no longer remembers the day during which he had an altercation with Mitya … All he knows is that he spent hours scouring the bars in Marseille by affirming his desire to kill the young man … Some even preview bloody in the streets … does he really have to hurt Mitya, after learning he was cheating Barbara in more beautiful life ? We’ll know soon probably because the lover of Barbara will be found very quickly next week!
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