More beautiful life, roommate Francesco and Barbara still compete on France 3

Cinema 16 November, 2016

Francesco is alone against everyone in Plus Belle La Vie! The cook is scrambling to protect the mysterious Barbara Mitya but nobody seems willing to listen …

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-francescoIt was too good to be true! Last Thursday in Plus Belle La Vie, Francesco and Barbara were reconciled . If the cook wanted to put an end to their relationship, the two characters have still managed to discuss. Unfortunately this little moment of calm did not last very long as we have seen in the episode aired tonight on France 3. Indeed, Francesco realized that Mitya, Barbara’s new boyfriend, hiding something . He tried to tell Leo that he warn her daughter but nothing worked, the police did not believe the accusations of Italian. So, Francesco decided to discuss this issue directly with Barbara but the latter remains convinced that it is simply jealous of the situation. Courage Francesco, there is someone who will come to believe you!
While Francesco and Barbara have taken the lead because of Mitya, Nathan has made every effort to find the murderer of Ghost #PBLV . And against all odds, Celine Fremont has proven to be a valuable aid for Rochat. Indeed, lawyer dating Cyril before his death. She spent the day with the headmaster of the school Scotto to tell him they met and what she thought of Cyril. Upon learning of the existence of the letter, Celine immediately contacted the prefect to reopen the investigation. He would not hear the excuse that justice had other business to deal with. Céline does manage to reopen the investigation into the death of Cyril? Francesco does manage to show the true face of Mitya? See you tomorrow on France 3 to discover the result of intrigues roommates’ of Plus Belle La Vie .
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