More beautiful life, roommate: love Barbara, Nathan investigate the ghost, that he will spend the next week on France 3?

Cinema 5 November, 2016

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionsIn the next episodes of more beautiful life, Barbara risk really fall in love with the new roommate. Nathan, he will continue the investigation of the phantom of the apartment.

There are some days, the girls welcomed a new roommate in more beautiful life . Mitya, large, rather handsome, interesting and interested in others. The perfect man according Coralie. After trying his luck, math teacher quickly realized that the young man was interested in someone else Barbara. After initially repulsed, the young chef has finally agreed to spend some time with him. An output races that ended with a kiss, and even shared a night. If this adventure has enabled Barbara to forget Francesco during a few hours, the young woman quickly regretted the outburst. It therefore warned Mitya. It does happen again, she just wanted revenge Francesco Nevertheless, it seems that the daughter of Leo quickly change its mind in future episodes of #PBLV . The two new roommates will spend some time together and the beautiful blue eyes of many Mitya could still capsize Barbara …

For his part, Nathan will continue its investigation of the phantom that haunts the roommate of more beautiful life . His hallucinations will continue for more, and the young English teacher will try to get in touch with the mysterious blonde he is the only one to see. But in the apartment, it is not the only worry. Since she discovered the letter in the piano, Sabrina downright freaked! At the same time, saw what he wrote above it ( “I was threatened several times”, “Notify the police,” “If I’m found dead it will not be an accident”), we can understand . Well, anyway, this letter, they will see each other again ever since Rochat has just made disappear. If he says to Nathan that he has no idea what it does well, the English teacher is not fooled: he is convinced that the headmaster of the school hiding something . Stay tuned, therefore, in future episodes of #PBLV on France 3!
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