More beautiful life, roommate Nathan believes that Rochat is related to the ghost of the apartment on France 3!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

To start this new week in the roommate of more beautiful life, Nathan Rochat accuses of being linked to the mysterious Phantom of the apartment. Barbara, it will again fall in love with Mitya.

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionFor several days, very strange phenomena taking place in the apartment where live Coralie, Sabrina, Barbara and Nathan. And he who pays the price, it is the poor Nathan. Hallucinations victim, the young English teacher continues to appear this mysterious blond man that nobody else sees. And that Coralie and Sabrina have found a letter (very) disturbing the piano, it did not help! Nathan has decided to conduct an inquiry on this ghost plaguing the roommate of more beautiful life , so it is left to show the letter to Rochat, who owns the apartment. If he tries to convince Nathan that he has nothing to do with it, we really did not believe it! Why would he removed the letter, why he seems so upset by the -ci if he really had nothing to hide? Apparently we are not the only ones to doubt the honesty of Rochat …
Yep, Coralie and Sabrina surprised tonight, Nathan talk to an empty chair (actually occupied by the ghost), saying Rochat was hiding something. And if there’s one that this behavior is even more worrying, it’s Sabrina. Increasingly paranoid, the young waitress confided his fears to Julien. Although he then offered a “talisman against evil spirits”, one can not help thinking that the music producer has something to do also in this story … Finally, Barbara had, for first time since their breakup, rework at Mistral with Francesco. To forget the shouting matches that have caused the reunion, the pretty stove was then consoled in the arms of Mitya, the new roommate of more beautiful life . Yes, she asserted that there are still a few days it happen ever again nothing with newcomer Barbara eventually crack again … There’s love in the air! And you What did you think of this episode?
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