More beautiful life, roommate Nathan freaking on France 3

The ghost of Plus Belle La Vie plays with Nathan of the nerves that is willing to do anything to find answers to his questions …

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-nathan-rochatEvery day on France 3 we learn more about the hallucinations of Nathan. The English teacher does not intend to drop the case because he wants to understand what is happening and above a normal life. Since yesterday, Nathan is confident Rochat is related to the Phantom of the Most Beautiful apartment Life and he hopes to make him spill the beans. The very strange attitude of the headmaster facing the letter found in the piano made Nathan very furious. he knows Rochat lied to him from the Latvian and he does not understand why. If we know that Nathan has reason to be angry, his attitude more disturbing than not in his favor as Coralie was eager to talk to William. The math teacher expressed concern to the reacting.

William, who took hitherto history lightly, decided to talk to his son to help him get better. While Francesco was still taken the lead with Barbara since she spends all with the new roommate of PBLV , Nathan had a MRI which unfortunately proved nothing. Infuriated of being misunderstood by his father and Caroline, Nathan left pissed office psy before going home Rochat. Indeed, Nathan decided to break in to the principal for answers to his questions . He put his plan into action when Rochat and his nephew left home. After a few minutes of searching, Nathan fell on a key element in its investigation. He found a picture of the ghost he sees in a book by Rochat. What connection can it have with the headmaster? This story is very interesting and intriguing as any …
Become a full member of the roommate of more beautiful life with melty … Every day, discover the latest revelations and indiscretions on the most crazy roommate Mistral! More beautiful life is from Monday to Friday at 20:25 on France 3 !

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