More beautiful life, roommate Nathan gets mad, Barbara puts the record straight with Francesco, the recap ‘of the week on France 3

Cinema 12 November, 2016

Nathan investigated the ghost of the roommate of more beautiful life, what attracted him a lot of trouble. Barbara, she was finally able to make a decision about Francesco.
Since the beginning of the week, Nathan has only one idea in mind: to discover what Rochat is related to ghost #PBLV and above, which is this young man. To find out, the English teacher has tried everything and took all the risks, even going to go broke into the home of the headmaster, which earned him a few hours at the police station. If everyone, his father first took him for a fool all week (which can be understood), Nathan is not released and finally ended up getting what he wanted: the truth . In yet another dinner shouting match with her father, Nathan has been interrupted by Rochat, finally ready to tell her everything. The blond man, he found the photo with him is his son . Nathan, it now only remains her see what really happened to Cyril, and if Julien, the current boyfriend of Sabrina, is related to this story. Because he is now convinced he too has something to hide.
For its part, Barbara spent a week trying to figure out what she really wanted. Francesco pain, forget with Mitya or give him a second chance. Under the spell of the new roommate, the lovely cook now seems determined to finally draw a line under history with beautiful Italian more beautiful life , and to live their new love story. But she has really reason to trust Mitya? It is no longer really sure since Francesco was grilled kissing another woman . And that the cook does not accept it! In an angry outburst, so he put a good punch to his rival. Of course, it has told Barbara that what was arranged, even to invent Francesco looked drinking … Definitely, it is less clear what Mitya … And you, what did you think of this week’s more beautiful life?
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