More beautiful life, roommate Nathan is arrested on France 3!

At the bottom in its investigation to discover the identity of the ghost of the roommate of more beautiful life, Nathan does not hesitate to take risks. He might yet regret …

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionTo force conducting the investigation of the phantom raging for several days in the roommate, Nathan literally farted a cable yesterday more beautiful life . Enraged, he searched the entire office Rochat, convinced that he hid the letter somewhere. This investigation brought no results, the English teacher was squarely into the house of the headmaster. And then, bingo! Nathan found the ghost photo in one of his books. Tonight he announced his discovery to Sabrina . Like him, she wants to discover the identity of the young man, so she decided to seek the help of his followers! By posting the photo on social networks and asking all fans of the relay, maybe someone will recognize it! But does she really need to look so far? For now it is confirmed that Julien knows the ghost, and not only him, Mitya too! And if one believes their conversation, he called Cyril. How can the two friends be linked to the ghost and therefore Rochat? One thing is certain, Nathan may be hampered in its research … In full dinner with his father, he was interrupted by Bauer told him he was under arrest …
Rochat he realized that the English teacher had brought home? Mystery … Anyway, if there is one to whom these ghost stories really pass over, it’s Barbara, too busy trying to figure out what she really wants. On the one hand, it looks really well with Mitya to want to spend as much time as possible with him and above all to forget Francesco . On the other, it can not help but convince it does not want anything serious with her new roommate, and she does not know where it is in relation to his ex. So learn Mitya refused a tour to stay with her and that Francesco is on the verge of falling back into alcohol is probably not going to help. Will she give him a second chance or just move on? Answer in future episodes on France 3, but in the meantime, see if you have followed the adventures of the roommate of more beautiful life last week .
Become a full member of the roommate of more beautiful life with melty … Every day, discover the latest revelations and indiscretions on the most crazy roommate Mistral! More beautiful life is from Monday to Friday at 20:25 on France 3 !

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