More beautiful life, roommate Nathan wants to find the phantom killer on France 3

Cinema 15 November, 2016

It is now safe Cyril was murdered. With the help of Sabrina, Nathan has made every effort to find the murderer of the young man.

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionsLast week, after days and days of investigation and a few hours at the police station more beautiful life, Nathan has finally found what he was looking! Yes, Rochat is indeed linked to the ghost he sees in his apartment! Worse, it’s downright son. Since he has read the letter that the English teacher showed him, the headmaster of the school is beginning to ask questions. And if Cyril, officially died of an overdose just beside the cursed piano, had actually murdered? Obviously he had little (or big) money problems, which would indeed have led him to be killed. But by whom? Nathan and Sabrina Rochat want to help to find out. And for that, nothing better than social networks! Knowing pretty geekette, we expected no less!
The two roommates have decided to create a Facebook page titled “The truth about the death of Cyril Rochat” . The goal: find the knowledge of the young man who might have clues to the enemies of the young musician. Because yes, the son of Rochat was composer. Well, well … As Julien! Could it be a coincidence! And it seems that the new boyfriend of Sabrina is not the only one concerned by the death of Cyril in Mistral. Celine, too, seems related to this sordid history, given the reaction she was discovering the Facebook page … Sabrina, Nathan Rochat and they will eventually discover the truth? The petition launched to re-open the investigation she will lead? Someone will he show up on social networks? Stay tuned … In the meantime, make sure you have followed the latest adventures within the roommate of more beautiful life!
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