More beautiful life, roommate Sabrina learns the secret of Julian!

Cinema 24 November, 2016

The discovery of an important element in the case related to Cyril Rochat upsets in Sabrina Plus Belle La Vie.

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-serie-france-3-sabrinaYesterday in Plus Belle La Vie, Sabrina reconciled with Julien but it seems that the happiness of the waitress hanging by a thread now. Yes, because if she decided to believe his beautiful musician, Coralie and Nathan are always at the bottom of their sides in the investigation into the death of Cyril and their discovery is far from clear Julien. It turns out that the piece of Cyril Coralie knew was used by a US airline in the early 2000s for their advertising. It was a big hit, but there is a small problem! A Julien Cayrol signed the title … So that’s the secret of the musician, he stole the piece of Cyril and it is the mobile which police needed to arrest him. Coralie is now convinced that Julian is guilty and hardest of all, it’ll be announcing it to Sabrina …
Back at the apartment ‘hearts in his eyes, Sabrina tried to learn more about the Cyril Rochat investigation. Coralie had the difficult task of announcing to her roommate that Julian may not be innocent in this matter and worse it could be the culprit as desired. Once again, Sabrina saw the sky falling on his head, and could drop again in PBLV Julien ! The police, alerted by Coralie and Nathan, convened for the umpteenth time to the position Julien. He explained that the whole history of the piece was indeed true, adding that Cyril was not the type to want to buy his art. However, Julien says that if this flight consumes him for a long time, he did not Cyril killed so far. If the police are not ready to believe, among melty we believe he is innocent. But then who could have Cyril kill? We can not wait to discover his identity but that does not really reassures us is the health of Céline Frémont deteriorating day by day. Crazy Celine’s return?
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