More beautiful life, roommate Sabrina looking for a new guilty on France 3

Cinema 29 November, 2016

The investigation into the death of Cyril Rochat takes a new turn in Plus Belle La Vie. Another mistralien concern in this dark matter …

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-serie-france-3-sabrinaDrama at the Mistral! Mitya dropped in Barbara Plus Belle La Vie . Yet all was well for the couple and the roadie seemed very attached to the young chef. This is to understand nothing! The worst in all this remains the way Mitya put an end to their short history: a vulgar text message and that was it . Shocked by this turn of events, Barbara did not stop to talk to Sabrina who is now convinced that all “zikos” should be avoided. The man versus woman war is launched in roommate! However, why Mitya he took such a decision? The mystery remains.
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If Barbara starts to turn into a very special investigation, the case on the death of Cyril in Plus Belle La Vie continues to agitate the people of Mistral. Julien has not left his cell Baumettes and yet still see Nathan Cyril’s ghost in the apartment. Sabrina, who always took the defense of Julian, said the presence of the son of the Rochat roommate was not trivial. If we are to believe the young woman, the ghost would confirm the innocence of Julien and insinuate that the real murderer Cyril is always in nature … and if it was a woman? Indeed, the dealer stopped by Leo yesterday helped to advance the investigation. This revealed that a woman harassing Cyril and that person would Céline Frémont. Ironic as the situation may seem, the lawyer finds himself on the dock. See you tomorrow to see their examination on France 3 !
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