More beautiful life, roommate: Suspect arrested on France 3

Cinema 21 November, 2016

The investigation into the death of Cyril Rochat continues in more beautiful life. A well known Mistralien roommates was even arrested and taken into custody.

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionAt the end of last week more beautiful life , Leo and Nebout went to Julien, the likely future ex Sabrina, asking him to follow them to the police. After discovering that music producer and son of Rochat knew indeed (and even more than that, as they have written no less than ten pieces together), officers from Mistral decided to find out what really hiding Julien. And it seems that it has not decided to reveal their much this weekend because tonight he was still in custody to view . If the hunk admits Cyril and were very close to him throughout their adolescence, it continues to deny block have a connection with his death. But it will take more to convince Leo and Nebout! And not just them, because they are obviously not the only ones to believe him guilty.
Indeed, the roommate, the atmosphere is not exactly cheerful. And it’s understandable! On one side, there is Nathan who keeps claiming that Julien is indeed the killer of Cyril . On the other, there Sabrina who is trying to convince that he is innocent. And finally, there is Mitya, desperate to defend his fellow! Suffice to say that the atmosphere is electric! For lack of evidence and Leo Nebout eventually anyway by releasing Julien and even terminate the investigation. A decision that seems Rochat clearly not appreciate, and we can understand it! But, be assured, Cyril of the real murderer will not come out like that. No doubt that Nathan and Rochat will continue their investigation into more beautiful life until the culprit is finally behind bars! And you, do you think that Julian is guilty?
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