More beautiful life, roommate: The ghost on the reinvestigation death on France 3

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Nathan and Rochat finally won the case: the investigation into the death of the ghost of the roommate of more beautiful life was finally reopened. The truth is near!

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionSince Rochat confessed to Nathan that the ghost he sees is his son, the young English teacher and high school principal’s Mistral decided to join forces to uncover the truth. Both are convinced that Cyril did not die of an overdose, as the official version suggests. To solve this macabre story, Sabrina and Nathan decided to open a Facebook page dedicated to ghost more beautiful life , and a petition was launched to pressure to justice. And tonight, it finally decided to move! Not with this claim of Internet users, or even Celine ruthless advocate of Mistral and also ex Phantom, but thanks to Abdel! With a little blackmail fact the judge Perrin, the investigation was reopened in no time! Neither one nor two, an exhumation was ordered. A first step towards the truth!
Francesco, meanwhile, has many other problems. Always the same for several days: his fits of jealousy and paranoia towards the new little buddy Barbara in more beautiful life . After trying to explain to his ex by all means that Mitya was hiding something, the cook tonight decided to follow him. Result: he found him embracing a young woman . Enough to get out again Francesco its hinges, accusing the new boyfriend of his ex to deceive. Except that the woman in question, bah is the sister of Mitya! To prove it, the brothers and sisters had to go to show their identity cards to Francesco! It really will have to get its act together if it is ever to succeed in capturing the hearts of his ex … And you, what did you think of the reaction of Francesco?
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