More beautiful life, roommate: The murderer arrested ghost, what will happen next week on France 3?

A suspect will be shut down in the history of the murder of the ghost more beautiful life next week on France 3. What install a few tensions in the roommate …

plus-belle-la-vie-pblv-france-3-france-televisionIn PBLV the week revolved around two main intrigues Francesco and Barbara who do not stop arguing, and the truth about the history of the ghost. After Nathan has discovered that the blond man was in fact the son of Rochat, he launched headlong in search of the true murderer of it. Thanks to Abdel and Celine, the two lawyers more beautiful life, he managed to reopen the investigation and the first elements are rather inconclusive! While Nebout and Leo did not really saw how elucidate this dark history, new elements have put them on a serious track. And as we suspected, it obviously blames Julien, the likely future ex Sabrina, who constantly claiming for days he did not know Cyril, when in fact they wrote a dozen songs together! Nothing less! Yes, it was necessary that he get caught one day …
Next week on France 3, Julien will be cook for hours by Leo and Nebout. If he will deny the beginning to the end to have something to do with the death of his former friend, Nathan will stand firm and proclaim to all is that the murderer, it’s him. A rather tense atmosphere is going to move to the roommate, between the English teacher who has no doubts about the guilt of the young man, Sabrina trying to convince himself that he had nothing to do, and Mitya who will do everything to defend his fellow! In short, it may not be downright fun! But if there’s one that may go better than the previous week, it’s Barbara! Yes, now that Francesco left the bar in the Mistral More life beautiful , pretty stove should not have to bear her fits of jealousy! Finally, with the Italian bloody, one can never be sure of anything! Especially since we can not help finding that Mitya is not clear … to be continued in PBLV!
Become a full member of the roommate of more beautiful life with melty … Every day, discover the latest revelations and indiscretions on the most crazy roommate Mistral! More beautiful life is from Monday to Friday at 20:25 on France 3 !

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