More beautiful life, the roommate ‘: Djawad comforted by his roommates’, the recap’ of the week on France 3

The death of Issa in More Beautiful Life has disrupted all the Mistralians. Djawad lives dark hours but he can count on the support of his roommates.
After losing Maud a few months ago, Djawad finds himself again confronted with the death of a relative . He had not seen him come, and yet it is, since his young cousin Issa was killed by Kevin’s father in PBLV as he tried to steal his shop. Since then, the inhabitants of the Mistral have been constantly commenting on what has happened and Djawad is looking for a way to overcome this ordeal with his aunt . While he had joined Coralie’s apartment, Barbara, Sabrina and Nathan with Issa to retrieve Mitia’s room, the Reaper once again knocked on their door. There’s no need to say, the roommate of PBLV carries a little bit of a joke !
This new drama led the editorial to wonder what future Issa’s death was going to reserve for the roommates of More Belle La Vie? We could imagine Djawad leaving very far the more so as between Estelle and him it is tense. However, in the episode aired on France 3 on Friday, Coralie came to comfort Djawad after Issa’s funeral, assuring her that she will always be there to support him just like the other roommates. Together, they will manage to make him regain a taste for life and that is really top! Our favorite roommate did not say his last word. Awesome !
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