More beautiful life, the roommate ‘: Sabrina saved, the murderer arrested, Francesco released, the recap’ of the week on France 3

Cinema 25 December, 2016

After weeks of investigation, the intrigue on the ghost of Plus Belle La Vie ended up concluding. The identity of the murderer was revealed and our roommates’ lives were saved.
This week, Plus Belle La Vie proposed a special premium on the occasion of the holiday season. For an evening the fans of the series have been immersed in the memories of Christmas of some Mistraliens. With all the intrigue surrounding the death of Cyril and Mitya, it was nice to finally find that unique ambiance of December . However, no time to dwell on the subject because our roommates are our priority and throughout this week we have carefully followed the end of their plot. Last Friday, Sabrina was abducted by Beatrice, Julien’s mother, guilty of the murders of Cyril and Mitia.
Thanks to investigations of Nathan Barbara and Leo in Plus Belle La Vie , our favorite geek could be released while Beatrice was arrested by police from the Mistral. Francesco has regained his freedom but not Barbara’s arms. The cook has made every effort to ensure that her ex is not the victim of a miscarriage of justice, but she does not want to go back with him. As much to say that the atmosphere between the two characters is likely to be more than bizarre in the weeks to come. In the heart, it is also badly barred for Sabrina who was dumped by Julien. At the same time with what he is experiencing at the moment we can understand his desire to be alone. The roommates are again four to share the apartment and the search for a new person is required. Who will be the next roommate of the Mistral? We can not wait to find out on France 3 .
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