More beautiful life, the roommate: The roommates celebrate the New Year, a man gets in the apartment, the recap of the week on France 3

Cinema 7 January, 2017

After all their misadventures, the roommates of Plus Belle La Vie decided to enjoy life. It started with a New Year’s Eve party …
To forget their late particularly chaotic year of roommates Plus Belle La Vie organized a big party open to all for passing in 2017. Both start with a good foundation from the start is not it? Nathan, Coralie, Barbara and Sabrina have launched the bet to party all weekend and considering their condition, the hangover was inevitable. While Barbara ended up going to bed to rest before resuming his job, his roommates’ preferred to stay up until dawn. They eventually regretted it when a man got into the apartment without asking for permission.
Indeed, while Nathan, Coralie and Sabrina were trying to recover from their very wet eve, a man of the “metallux” kind landed at the apartment. Without saying a word, the latter went to the fridge where he offered himself a beer before going to one of the rooms to play drums, all under the astonished eyes of our roommates. Having learned of Mitia’s death at the party, the man self-proclaimed himself a new roommate, but Coralie and his band were determined to get him to leave as soon as possible. Barbara asked Leo for help to scare the squatter. And yes, having a police father can serve a few times! Next week in Plus Belle La Vie, Sabrina will try his luck in the lottery . Fingers crossed for her!
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