More than 150 screenings at the NIFFF

Cinema 27 June, 2017

“Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable”, Miike Takashi. (Photo: dr)

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The International Fantastic Film Festival of Neuchвtel (NIFFF) has more than 150 projections at its 17th йdition, from 30 June to 8 July. Japan will be particularly а the honour, with the adaptation cinйmatographique of a cult manga in the first world.

The rйalisateur nippon Miike Takashi will come prйsenter “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable”. The expectations are high from fans of the work йponyme of Araki Hirohiko, a “best-seller” sold а more than 100 million copies.

A meeting with the rйalisateur will be held on Monday 3 July. Always under the thume of Japan, the festival will pay a tribute а Suzuki Seijun, who disappeared in fйvrier last, а through a rйtrospective of ten masterpieces of sulphur.

Terror and humour

The compйtition international long mйtrages rйunit 16 films, including those of Miike Takashi. There will also be works from Spain, Uk, Belgium, France, Amйrique of the North, of Tanwan, China and Corйe of the South.

The program dйvoilй Thursday mkle the йtrange and terror, but also humor and the sensibilitй, а the image of the “Bitch” of Marianna palka’s. A housewife with four children indisciplinйs and a husband absent eventually crack. As beastly, she munera, a dog’s life (literally) а those who have poussйe а end.

In “El Bar” of Бlex de la Iglesia, the customers of the bistro bondй are cloоtrйs а the intйrieur and struggle to save their skin. In “Dave Made a Maze” by Bill Watterson, artist-tinkerer has invaded the living room with a assemblage of cardboard and paper mвchй, but they are no longer able а get out of this maze. He must flee piuges fatal, origami killers and a minotaur.

Meetings а gogo

The NIFFF prйsentera a total of 94 long mйtrages and 59 short. These films come from 43 countries diffйrents. Ten works will be projetйes in the first world and 54 of first switzerland. There are added 75 confйrences and public meetings with artists.

It should be noted that this annйe, in addition to the four rooms, the NIFFF offers a new projection space in the open air on the banks of the city centre. The йcran gйant will face а 600 seats. The capacitй total of the festival in simultanй reached prus of 2,150 places.

The programming 2017 pйrennise the label NIFFF Extended, and its йvйnements multidisciplinary. The “jam” of dйveloppeurs games vidйo, the symposium crйation numйrique or even the forum littйraire are part of these multiple йvйnements.

The NIFFF is dotй a budget of a little more than 2 million francs. It has enregistrй 35’500 entrйes the year passй.