Movies that make you live the zonzon without really going, and that’s so much better

Cinema 17 February, 2017

Out of curiosity, we want to know how it goes. How you live, what you feel. While knowing that it is shit … And these (successful) movies show us well.
Watching movies is also a way of living things – if only by proxy – that we do not know. And, eventually, we do not want to know. Grief, pursuit, dismissal, deceit, sickness … or prison. The majority arrive unfortunately to almost everyone, sooner or later, while going to prison, normally one can avoid it. So to learn more, we can watch these films, which give us different points of view, tell us different stories.
The escapees
Andy Dufresne is a banker and a good man. By mistake, he finds himself in jail, sentenced twice to perpetuity (history of being safe, huh), found guilty of the murder of his wife and her lover. In Shawshank, he met Red, with whom he became friends. But also the brutal chief warrant officer, Captain Byron Hadley, ready to beat up the detainees to death … Given his template, his pedigree, his cv, Andy is also the target of other inmates . Bad weather. Finally, it will not go too bad and I let you reread the title to find out more.
a prophet
Nine Césars in 2010, following the Grand Prix of the jury of the festival of Cannes of 2009, it already poses the trick. In this film by Jacques Audiard, we see a young delinquent of 19 years old Malik arriving in a prison controlled by a Corsican clan and its leader, Cesar Luciani. Before surviving, getting accepted, attracting by the protection and the network of the old, Malik humps for him. It then changes completely of scale … until to take the top . The evolution of the character amazed us, as well as the risks of placing a man in prison, with wolves much worse than him.
Midnight Express
The lure of gain, and the risks that go with it. William Hayes enjoys his vacation in Turkey with his girlfriend, Susan. Then, on his way home, to the States, he said to himself that it would be nice to bring back a little souvenir, and to make a penny … Two pounds of shit on him, that the airport controllers find before That he did not embark. Ouch. First sanction: 4 years. Second for the example: 30 years . In a prison in Istanbul, known to be so far from an all-inclusive hotel in the Seychelles that a real Australian chocolate bread, here at home. The worst part is that it’s inspired by a true story, the autobiography of Billy Hayes.
The Prisoner of Alcatraz
To give a feeling of freedom, of poetry, to a film that happens between four walls is a challenge. Inspired by the life of Richard Stroud, we see a Burt Lancaster simply exceptional … At first young and revolted, full of hatred, his incarceration will push him to change, to find calm and redemption , via his passion for the birds. Which brings him the feeling of freedom he so badly needs. Add the music of Bernstein, and you swim in full beauty.
American History X
The disasters of hatred, of blind vengeance, the destruction of a family. To chialer. After his father firefighter was killed by a black LA dealer, Derek Vinyard becomes a neo-Nazi skin. And when two blacks try to steal the case of his late father, he stumbles without blinking . Boum, 3 years of taule … and small miseries that make him understand that he has dismayed. When he leaves, he wants to start from scratch, except that his little brother Danny has followed the same path … Fuck, bitch of life.
The green Line
You love a prisoner, John Coffey, you hate a guard, Percy Wetmore, you admire the guardian, Paul Edgecombe, you want to kill a devil, William Wharton: you have emotions in this film adapted from a novel by Stephen King. Without crumbling, all the human cruelty, the injustice of life, judicial errors are there . Alas not totally compensated by mercy, tolerance, respect, given the atrocious end of several characters, including our John Coffey, whom we will never forget. Which one did you most?