Movies to watch to feel great, very large

Cinema 7 April, 2017

Nothing better than watching lilliputiens for 2h to forget that you galley to reach the top of your cupboards. And reboost your confidence.
It is not size that counts, it seems. Nevertheless, people continue to win you, it is obligatory. And that the moments when the situation reverses are rare! Dog of life. So here’s a way to take a step back and de-dramatize: watch movies with lilliputiens.
Gulliver Travels
The novel by Jonathan Swift (1721) inspired a pack of filmmakers for almost three centuries. Georges Méliès drew a short film in 1903, films were released in 1939 and 1960, before the last opus with Jack Black, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel in 2011. In the book, we see the writer Lemuel Gulliver, The hidden island of Lilliput, in the Bermuda triangle . And there, all the inhabitants are tiny! Suddenly, friend Gulliver becomes a giant. Like what, everything is relative. An unpretentious comedy that does good (no, we will not say to whom, no name).
Co-written and produced by George Lucas, the film was directed by Ron Howard with mass of special effects, a feat at the time and a real leap forward in the matter. Despite two Oscar nominations, Willow was not as successful as that. The pitch: an evil queen, Baymorda, reigns quiet until the day when a prophecy announces the birth of a princess, a sort of elected who will change everything . Which is called Elora (and not Enora, thank you). I tell you not everything, just that it is born and is recovered by a farmer named Willow (ah voila), who happens to be an amateur magician and tiny size. Magic, fairy, and all the brothel of fantasy, it’s not bad.
The Wild Planet
A little more than an hour of entertainment where you leave far. Science fiction, clearly. Some even say that you must see him in a bad state, good, not to push either but each his kiff. Basically, on the planet Ygam, the Draags live cushy, they are super intelligent giants. And their kids play with tiny animals, the Oms . Then one day, a “tame” OMS whose intellect was developed by a draag escapes. The desires and hopes of the Oms change, the balance put in peril. By the way: it was realized by a Frenchman (René Laloux), in 1973.
Based on characters invented by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Larry Lieber, the film by Adam McKay and Paul Rudd scales the adventures of Scott Lang, aka Ant -Man. Capable of shrinking while increasing his strength, he must assume his power and help Dr. Henry Pym, mainly protect the costume of Ant-Man. Action, special effects, rhythm, you do not shit. As long as you love these films, of course.
The Inner Adventure
It’s better to see him when you’re a kid but hey, why not. A US Navy lieutenant devotes himself to a risky experience: get miniaturized and explore the body of a rabbit . Yeah, know why. Tuck Pendleton, the scientist saved Tuck Pendleton in the body of a supermarket clerk, Jack Putter. And there, Tuck must communicate with Jack as his oxygen supply decreases.
Charlie and the chocolate factory
A very popular Anglo-Saxon story since the release of Roald Dahl’s 1964 novel. Two film adaptations were made, including that of Tim Burton in 2005. Charlie, a very poor family, loves chocolate and The reference chocolate factory named Wonka , right next door. One day he was lucky enough to get his hands on the fifth and last gold note contained in a branded product, giving the right to a factory visit. Where are the Oompa Loompa, the people of Lilliputians who make chocolate.
Honey, I shrunk the kids
You have almost everything in the title, you know what. To clarify a little anyway: Wayne Szalinski is an original scientist, who tinkers with him and tries stuff. Including a machine to miniaturize the objects, well hidden away from his wife and his two kids, to avoid a dumpling. Of course, Amy and Nick will eventually climb and get shrunk by the machine, with the two neighbor’s kids . The four are found in the garden, in crazy jungle mode. Released in 1989, this Disney had its success with children. Remember who?