Mr. Pokora boycotted at the Victoires de la Musique, the management explained his choice

Entertainment 22 January, 2017

Annoyed at not having been nominated at the Victoires de la Musique this year, Mr Pokora probably did not expect the Director-General’s reply.
With his cover album of Claude François, M Pokora, part of the artists who pierced solo without their group , did not expect such a success. With over 300,000 copies sold of My Way since its release 21 October 2016, the album is a hit. New member of the jury of The Voice 6 and in preparation for a tour that will travel all over France, the beautiful blonde is more popular than ever. This is why he created a small controversy on January 11 last on the plateau of Cyril Hanouna. Invited to the program Touche Pas to My Computer, the singer had a little unhappy about the sentence Victoires de la Musique, where he has not been named: “No I sell too many albums I believe When you’re. Too popular, that’s it, you can not. ”
If the case would have stopped there, the Chief Wins Gilles Desangles held to explain the reason for this failure : “If he is not named, it is simply because there is not enough voters who considered the album of M Pokora was sufficiently remarkable to select ” he told Télé Star . “One objective results is not based on such sales figures. The subjective choice is assumed. It thus provides a different perspective on music news,” he says. Nominations are made by a panel of 600 professionals from the world of music: 200 artists, 200 producers and 200 media representatives. No so with the number of album sales, although M Pokora is in the forefront of the top albums in France . Do you think Mr. Pokora deserves to be named to the Victoires de la Musique?
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