Mr. Pokora changed: “This is what I will pass on to my children”

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

In difficult days in Sri Lanka, the artist learned a beautiful life lesson.
After Michael Youn in Namibia it was the turn of Mr. Pokora exceed its limits with Mike Horn in In the wild on M6. It was in Sri Lanka, in the province of Sabaragamuwa that the singer of 31 years went in order to live an extraordinary adventure. An adventure aired on February 6!
I needed a hand stretch
With an average temperature of 30 degrees and a humidity level of around 100%, he walked 50 kilometers in five days and four nights. A great challenge in the jungle and punctuated by experiments that have all been a great first for him: climbing cliffs, descending waterfalls, sleeping in a tree 10 meters from the ground or building a raft.
Trials that have quickly destabilized the coach of The Voice as we have seen in early October during the broadcasting of the episode to the press. After only 4 kilometers, the artist who spent there ” four days toughest ” of his life was dizzy and nauseous. An environment and a weakness that have metamorphosed it. ” I exploded very quickly. I do not recognize me, I was very destabilized the first 24 hours. (…). P or the first time in my life, I needed that tends me hand. I was not serene, not confident. They are the worst character traits that emerge at that time because you want to be rude, all send graze and just go home , “said “He said.