Mr Pokora, his surprise announcement: “I will take a break”

Entertainment 2 January, 2017

Currently on vacation in Dubai, the singer risks disappointing some of his fans.
Leaving a cover album of Claude François, M. Pokora knew he would be facing much criticism , but he did well to defend his body and soul project since the success is the appointment. Already certified triple platinum with over 400,000 copies sold, a bestseller for several weeks, My Way delights fans of M. Pokora and others.
While all smiles, that he began the adventure The Voice 6 alongside Zazie , Mika and Florent Pagny , and that his tour is requested if he is obliged to extend a few more dates, M. Pokora already planned to take a break once its My Way Tower completed … While it has not even begun. He will kick his show on March 3 next to Nancy.
This is to our colleagues Purecharts That the 31-year-old singer announced his willingness to distance himself from the music and the stage. ” Already, for all that it asked as energy before, during preparation, all that I give as energy to bring it today, because I’m so proud that I will defend until after then on stage, because we do not stop to add dates. So I’m going to leave a lot of energy in the coming year. (…) I will take a break ” , will reveal -he.
But because he is not one to remain inactive, Mr. Pokora admits, without wanting to say too much, that he already thought about the after-tour. ” I’ll do other things I keep to myself for now ,” blurted the French artist.
That Matt fans reassure, he did not plan to stop the music, just to stay on “pause” a little while. My Way will not be his last album, he has already worked on next. You just have to be patient before you get out. ” I’ll let so much energy in this album! I already have in mind … but it will not for now, honestly. It’s going to be a good time between the end of this tour and the album after “, he warns.
While fans digest the news of his future break , Mr. Pokora things easy in Dubai. The singer gives himself a sunny parenthesis in the United Arab Emirates in the company of friends all as muscular as him.
Always connected, Matt did not fail to wish a good year to his thousands of subscribers on Twitter and Instagram. ” Beautiful 2017’s Friend (s)! I wish you the best but before ANY health … The rest, as it will always go for the … We’re together. With the heart … Always .. . Matt #dubai “said he posted on Instagram, a glass of champagne in hand.