Mr. Pokora victim of homophobia: His photo is debating!

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

Internet, a pitiless universe!
To decompress between filming of The Voice 6 and promoting his album of covers of Claude François My Way , M. Pokora flew to Dubai. And he did not fail to share his adventures on his Instagram account.
A photo has particularly attracted the attention of some Internet users. The one where he appears bare-chested, in company with five charming young men. While some have not been full of praise about him, others have allowed themselves to make homophobic comments sometimes very virulent. ” It’s true that it’s very good but village people, after all, is his life ,” ” And then we will say that he is not gay lol what “, ” You did your coming out? “,” Wesh blonde “,” Who is the woman? “does one could read among the least incisive messages.
It is not the first time that the singer’s sexual orientation is debated. Rumors that he had reacted in an interview for the magazine Podium : ” I have nothing to prove Above all, it was to show that I was someone open minded You can.. (…) Not gays, but guys who do not want their babes to come to my gigs or watch my clips, it would make them feel like I’m gay. have already done the deed with an ex when she spoke of another. So I do not blame them! “