Mr. Robot : a teaser terribly disturbing for season 3

Cinema 5 August, 2017






This third season of Mr. Robot will be available from the 11th of October.

Season 1 of Mr. Robot had totally messed up the television landscape in the summer of 2015. A year later, the series of Sam Esmail confirmed its status as TV show of the moment with a season 2 extremely captivating and stunning.

Suddenly, we were eager to get news of the season 3 commissioned before the end of the second season. And that fall well, the first images come precisely from falling. The channel USA Network has unveiled a first teaser entitled ” Democracy “.



The multiple plans of the teaser are superimposed on the pieces of the song of Leonard Cohen Democracy recited by what seems to be the voice of Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek). And the show reveals faces, worrisome situations or even a misery unsuspected with words almost prophetic. In short, the least one can say is that all this does not bode well.

Among the plans, one recognizes, of course, the many characters present in the previous two seasons. But also a new recruit well surrounded : Bobby Cannavale (Vinyl). The series also reveals its release date with its teaser enigmatic : October 11, 2017.


The actor Vinyl and Boardwalk Empire returning in a new TV show


The translation of the words recited in the teaser :

“It comes from the sadness of the street,
of the holy places where the races meet;
the vacheries killings
that have a place in every kitchen
for who will serve and who will eat.

She first arrives in America
the cradle of the best and the worst.
here is the scope
and the machine of change
and here the spiritual thirst.

I’m sentimental, if you know what I mean :
I love this country but I can’t stand the decor.
I am neither left nor right
I’m just home tonight,
and I lose myself in this little screen helpless.

It comes from the wars against disorder,
sirens screaming day and night.
Democracy comes to the USA. “